Supporting Documentation for Employees of Registered Companies

A registered company is a business that has previously been issued an E-visa for its principal investor or employee and maintains a valid company registration with a U.S. Embassy or Consulate in Canada. Registrations are typically valid for 5 years. The process described on this page applies to additional employees of an already registered Treaty Enterprise.

Unless there have been substantive changes to the enterprise that would jeopardize its E-visa status, subsequent applications can focus on whether and how a given employee qualifies for an E-visa as the owner, manager or essential employee of a registered company. However, if there have been substantial changes in the company’s ownership structure or operations since the registration notice was issued, the Consular Officer may require additional corporate documents to ensure the treaty enterprise still qualifies.

If the company’s registration has expired or is about to expire, the next applicant from the company should follow the instructions for renewal applicants to seek re-registration for the company. The U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Canada will only register a company in the context of a visa application.

Required Documentation

Applicants from currently registered companies are not required to email their supporting documents prior to their interview. Applicants should bring the following required supporting documentation on the day of their interview:

  1. Confirmation of appointment;
  2. Copy of the Notice of E-Visa Company Registration;
  3. DS-160 confirmation page for all applicants and dependents;
  4. Updated DS-156E (587KB PDF) signed by an officer legally empowered to act in the company’s name;
  5. One 2×2 passport-style photograph for each applicant, taken on plain white background within the last six months (if your photograph could not be uploaded to your online DS-160);
  6. Letter from the company providing specific information on the applicant and outlining the reasons for his/her assignment to the United States, along with the applicant’s resume or CV;
  7. A signed statement from the owner, CEO, corporate secretary, or executive attesting to the fact that there have been no substantial changes in the ownership structure or operations of the treaty enterprise that would jeopardize its E-visa qualifications since the company was last registered. If there have been substantive changes to the company, please explain the changes and provide appropriate supporting documentation;
  8. For any dependents of the applicant – proof of legal relationship between the principal applicant and any dependents (spouse or child under age 21), e.g. original government issued birth and/or marriage certificates, adoption papers, etc. Notarized copies, religious documents, hospital records, and short form birth certificates that do not show parentage do not satisfy this requirement; and
  9. Appropriate reciprocity fee, if required.

Self-Identification of Potential Interview Waiver Eligibility

If an applicant is renewing an E-visa with the same company and that company holds a valid registration, the applicant can self-identify themselves and their dependents as potentially eligible for an interview waiver.  To do so, please email a copy of all the supporting documents listed above in one PDF attachment to with the subject line, “IW Self-Identification for [Applicant Surname] with [Company Name].” The applicant will then be notified if their application can proceed as interview waiver eligible and will be sent additional instructions.