The Medical Examinations

Immigrant visa applicants, regardless of age, are required to undergo a medical examination before they may receive a visa. All applicants must undergo a medical examination administered by one of the five approved clinics prior to the interview. Applicants will receive a list of approved clinics in advance of their interview date.

You should schedule your medical examination so that it is completed at least four working days prior to your visa interview date.

The clinics, in some cases, will send the medical results to the Consulate for inclusion in your application. If you are given your medical exam to carry to the Consulate, do not open the sealed envelope. If you open it, you will be required to complete and pay for a new medical examination.

During the medical exam, it is important to provide complete and honest answers to all of the questions asked by the clinic staff. If, during the course of your visa interview, the Consulate discovers you omitted or misrepresented medical information, you will be required to schedule and pay for a new medical exam.