Diplomatic, Official, and International Organization Visas

In Canada, Diplomatic, Official, International Organization and NATO visas to the United States are processed at the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa. Please email the Embassy at Ottawadipinfo@state.gov for information on how to process the above referenced visa categories.

If you prefer, you may send your passport to the Embassy (from within Canada only) via FedEx. The packet must include a pre-paid return waybill and should be sent to:

United States Embassy Ottawa – Consular Section
Diplomatic and Official Visas
323 Coventry Road,
Ottawa, Ontario
K1K 3X6

General: 613-688-5327
Email: OttawaDipInfo@state.gov

Please visit the State Department website for information on the visa application procedures for:

Any U.S. consulate in Canada can process a tourist visa for a diplomat. Active diplomats and their family members are eligible for no-fee tourist visas to the United States, provided they use diplomatic passports. Diplomats traveling with official, special, or private passports will need to pay the normal visa processing fees in cash. Diplomats applying for a tourist visa are required to appear at the Embassy or a consulate, but may process their tourist visas outside of the normal appointment channels. They should make an appointment at the nearest consulate or embassy via email, writing “Diplomat tourist” in the subject line.