Vice President Mike Pence to Travel to Canada

Office of the Vice President

May 20, 2019

Vice President Mike Pence to Travel to Canada


Vice President Mike Pence will travel to Ottawa, Canada on behalf of President Donald Trump on Thursday, May 30th to call for swift adoption of the United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement (USMCA) and to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on next steps.

In Canada, the Vice President will meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and deliver joint remarks, focused on deepening the strong trade relationship between our two ally nations. The Vice President will also deliver an address to business leaders, members of Parliament, members of the diplomatic corps, and other public and private sector leaders highlighting the benefits the USMCA will bring to the United States, Mexico, and to Canada. It’s estimated that USMCA will create or benefit millions of jobs and give American workers the level playing field to compete and win on the world stage.

“President Trump promised to forge new, modernized trade deals that will grow our economy, and benefit the American worker and businesses alike. The USMCA is not only a huge economic boon to the U.S., but is a good deal for our allies north and south of the border. The Vice President looks forward to meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau to discuss how to move forward swiftly to advance this critical deal,” Alyssa Farah, Press Secretary to the Vice President, said.

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