University of Windsor Newspaper Interviews Toronto Consular Officer

Photo credit: Shelbey Hernandez

University of Windsor’s newspaper “The Lance” covered the U.S. Consulate Toronto’s presentation on U.S. visas for students at the university. The majority of the students who attended the presentation were international students from India and China, with others from countries like Nepal, Saudi Arabia and Iran to name a few. Some students were present on the pretense of just getting a visa, whereas others had specific questions regarding a visa they already had. Consular Officer Ann Marie Warmenhoven’s presentation provided the students information on the different types of visas, how to apply for visas, the interview process for visas, and the interview waiver program specifically.

The Lance newspaper’s reporter Shelbey Hernandez interviewed Consular Officer Ann Marie Warmenhoven after the presentation. During the interview, Ann Marie shared some useful recommendations on the student visa process. The article can be accessed at