U.S. Embassy Ottawa honors Canadian Armed Forces members in awards ceremony

The United States and Canada share a robust military relationship, thanks in no small part to the outstanding contributions of women and men in the Canadian Armed Forces who serve in U.S. operations around the world. On May 5, the United States Mission to Canada had the opportunity to thank 11 Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members for their exceptional service to the United States military and United States military operations at an awards ceremony at the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa.

Acting Deputy Chief of Mission Stuart Dwyer presented medals to the officers, whose American commanders had been unable to present the medals before the Canadian officers departed their posts.

The ceremony recognized the following CAF members:

Brigadier-General Gregory Smith, Legion of Merit;

Captain Joseph McNulty, Defense Meritorious Service Medal;

Lieutenant-Colonel Todd Murphy, Meritorious Service Medal;

Lieutenant-Colonel Phillip Rennison, Meritorious Service Medal;

Lieutenant Commander Barrie Brett, Meritorious Service Medal;

Major Sharon Daley, Meritorious Service Medal;

Major Steven Hewitt, Meritorious Service Medal;

Major Neil Marshall, Meritorious Service Medal;

Major John van der Laan, Meritorious Service Medal;

Warrant Officer Charles Ansell, Joint Service Commendation Medal; Captain David Henry, Meritorious Service Medal.

U.S. Defense Attaché Colonel Thad Hunkins also made a special presentation to Captain Joe McNulty, a plaque recognizing more than nine years of service to the United States Defense Attaché Office to Canada.

“The United States and Canada have one of the closest military relationships in the world,” said Acting Deputy Chief of Mission Dwyer. “Today, more than 700 Canadian Armed Forces members live and work in the United States.”

He added, “Several hundred U.S. military members work beside their counterparts in Canada.  They serve alongside each other in NORAD and various military commands in both countries, and in multinational coalitions and NATO operations in the Middle East and Europe.”

More than 70 distinguished guests attended the ceremony, including the Honorable Andrew Leslie, Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.