U.S. Consulate Winnipeg welcomes the FIFA Women’s World Cup

The US wins 3-1 in their opening game over a tough Australian squad.
The US wins 3-1 in their opening game over a tough Australian squad.

From the Consulate’s “On the Ground” series, U.S. Consul Chris Gunning joins the excitement over the FIFA Women’s World Cup coming to our home city of Winnipeg:

The Women’s World Cup is upon us! Play started a few days ago, and the drama and excitement is here. Of course, when we say the World Cup is “here,” I really, truly mean “here,” as in, “Winnipeg.” Woot. Australia, Sweden, Nigeria and the United States of America all have their national teams in the city and ready to play. Tonight the USA play Australia for their inaugural game. The Consulate is excited. Never would I have imagined that I would be so lucky to serve in the country – much less the very city hosting the US team for the Women’s World Cup. Serendipity.

Of course, I’ll be at the game tonight. If you see me, come say “hi” – even if you are rooting for the Aussies. The WWC is about competition, but it’s also about comradery and celebrating multinationalism. So, I don’t care if you are rooting for the USA or Australia, we are all spectators in the beautiful game. Indeed, the “beautiful game” means something a bit different for me. I focus on football/soccer pretty intensely during the two world cups (much like the Olympics). The thing I especially love about the World Cups is the celebration of our differences and similarities. I live for this stuff. I’m a diplomat. I travel the world as part of my career. My job is to examine and celebrate multiculturalism. So, when the community I am part of becomes excited for internationalism, its something particularly special for me.

I’m wearing my USA Soccer jersey today as a show of support (and I will do so again on Friday). Already Winnipeggers have nodded or given me the thumbs up when I walked in to work. I really appreciate that. Canada is very much in the tournament, and we should be so lucky the USA and Canada meet in the finals. That said, Team Canada isn’t here… team USA is. U!S!A!

And thanks, Winnipeg.
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