U.S. Consulate Support Retrospective Exhibition American Ceramist at Clay & Glass Gallery

Retrospective Exhibition of American Ceramist at the Clay & Glass Gallery

The Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery presented its newest exhibition,Rethinking Mythos: A Mid-career Retrospective of Neil Tetkowski on March 29, 2015. This exhibition has been made possible in part by a grant though the U.S. Consulate Toronto’s Small Grants Program. Curated by Christian Bernard Singer, Rethinking Mythos is a comprehensive exhibition that celebrates the creative vision of American artist Neil Tetkowski.

With a career that spans nearly 40 years, Tetkowski has become known for his environmentally inspired large-scale clay mandala discs and clay installations. The range of Tetkowski’s featured works includes ceramic sculpture, photo and video installations and the monumental works included in the Common Ground World Project. In the Common Ground World Project Tetkowski used raw clay material from 188 different countries.

Neil Tetkowski and Hilary Fuller Renner, Public Affairs Officer of the U.S. Consulate in Toronto, opened the exhibition with welcome remarks. “It is an honor to have this opportunity for my work to fill an entire museum,” noted Tetkowski. “I am grateful that the vision of this ambitious project has become a reality.” Hilary Renner also highlighted the major piece of the exhibit “The World Mandala” which was created for the United Nations General Assembly. She also discussed the remarkable partnerships that Tetkowski has developed generally in exhibiting in over 50 different museums internationally and as well to collect the contributions from 188 countries for this UN piece.

More photos from the exhibition are in our Flickr gallery.