STB Chair Meets with Canadian Transportation Agency

Surface Transportation Board Chairman Daniel R. Elliott III meets with Dr. Scott Streiner, chair and chief executive officer of the Canadian Transportation Agency. (Credit CTA/Twitter)

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Today, Chairman Daniel R. Elliott III of the Surface Transportation Board (STB) is visiting the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) in Ottawa, Canada to discuss opportunities for the two agencies to work together and to share information and best practices. Like the STB, the CTA is the economic regulator of the freight railroads and certain other modes of transportation in Canada. Chairman Elliott is meeting with Dr. Scott Streiner, the CTA’s chair and chief executive officer.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss developments in rail transportation, best practices in the agencies’ respective regulatory approaches, and recent regulatory activities and current events. The information at issue would only be that available in the public domains of both the United States and Canada, to ensure confidentiality. As President Obama stated two weeks ago, in addressing the Parliament of Canada on the occasion of the North American Leaders Summit, the United States and Canada are linked by “the vast web of commerce that carries goods from one end of our continent to another.” Chairman Elliott appreciates CTA’s invitation and the opportunity to continue this productive dialogue.