Statement from U.S. Ambassador to Canada David L. Cohen on Canada Day 

For Immediate Release

Statement from U.S. Ambassador to Canada David L. Cohen on Canada Day


On behalf of the staff and families at the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa and our seven U.S. Consulates across this country, I wish Canadians a happy Canada Day as they mark the 155th anniversary of Confederation.    

As President Biden has said, the United States has no better friend in the world than Canada – and that is not hyperbole.  In my seven months as U.S. Ambassador to Canada, I have witnessed firsthand just how true that statement is.    

The special relationship between our two nations cannot be defined just by trade or treaties.  I have learned quickly that the true beauty and strength of our partnership does not come from offices in Washington or Ottawa.  It comes from the provinces, states, cities, communities, and people throughout our two democracies.  

As former President John F. Kennedy said, “Geography has made us neighbors.  History has made us friends.  Economics has made us partners.  And necessity has made us allies.  Those whom nature hath so joined together, let no man put asunder.  What unites us is far greater than what divides us.”  This weekend, we join as neighbors, friends, partners, and Allies in celebration of our steadfast relationship and shared values of democracy, diversity, and independence.    

From Mission Canada to all Canadians: Happy Canada Day! Bonne Fête du Canada! 


Molly Sanchez Crowe
Embassy Spokesperson
U.S. Embassy Ottawa