Statement from U.S. Ambassador to Canada David L. Cohen on Canada Day 

For Immediate Release

Statement from U.S. Ambassador to Canada David L. Cohen on Canada Day


On behalf of the staff and families at the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa and our seven U.S. Consulates across this country, and on behalf of the President and people of the United States, I wish all Canadians a very happy Canada Day.

As Canada celebrates the 156th anniversary of Confederation, I’m reminded that our friendship substantially pre-dates Confederation.  This year, we will celebrate nearly two centuries of diplomatic relations between our two countries as our consulate in Halifax marks the 190th year of its opening.

Our historic partnership has been on display since last month with U.S. and Canadian firefighters standing side by side fighting an unprecedented number of fires that have threatened people and homes and businesses across Canada.  As many as 1800 American firefighters have travelled to help their Canadian counterparts without a second thought, just as Canadians do to help Americans whenever we need them.

This is just one example of how, over these many years, we have shown that we are so much more than two countries who share a border.  As President Biden said during his visit to Ottawa in March, “We’re more than neighbors.  We’re more than partners.  We’re more than friends…  We’re more like family.”

And so, to our Canadian friends, neighbo(u)rs, and family: Happy Canada Day! Bonne Fête du Canada!


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U.S. Embassy Ottawa