Release of Summit for Democracy Written Commitments

The first Summit for Democracy provided a platform for leaders to announce domestic and international commitments, reforms, and initiatives that defend democracy and human rights, fight corruption, and combat authoritarianism.  In addition to providing Official Intervention Statements during the Summit, participating delegations were invited to submit a voluntary written compendium of announcements, pledges, and/or commitments.


Those submissions can be found on the Summit for Democracy website. The Department of State will process and post online additional commitments when received from delegations.  For delegations that did not submit commitments in writing, their official remarks during the Summit will serve as a roadmap for their commitments in the Year of Action.

During this Year of Action, the United States reaffirms our willingness to work with partners as we implement commitments made to strengthen democracy, promote respect for human rights, and counter corruption. The Year of Action is an opportunity to turn words into deeds.  Through different platforms and fora, governments, civil society, the private sector, philanthropies, and academic partners will begin the process of advancing these commitments and initiatives.  During the second Summit, we will take stock of our collective efforts and set the foundation for continual work to safeguard democracy and human rights.