Passing of the Right Honourable Herb Gray

The Right Honorable Herb Gray receives the the inaugural U.S. Mission Canada's Distinguished Alumni Award.
The Right Honorable Herb Gray receives the the inaugural U.S. Mission Canada’s Distinguished Alumni Award.

The United States Embassy in Canada is saddened to learn of the passing of the Right Honourable Herb Gray, former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, longest continuously-serving Member of Parliament in Canadian history, and recipient of the Embassy’s inaugural Distinguished Alumni Award.

A participant in the State Department’s 1967 International Visitor program, Mr. Gray was honored at the Embassy’s alumni symposium in October 2011. In addition to his role as an alumnus, Mr. Gray worked throughout his long and distinguished career to facilitate the United States-Canada bilateral relationship, including his time as Member of Parliament for Windsor West and Essex West, and as Canadian Chair of the International Joint Commission. The award, signed by former Ambassador David Jacobson, reads, “In recognition of dedication to public service and to strengthening the United States-Canada bilateral relationship.”

Speaking at the time, Mr. Gray explained that the U.S.-Canada relationship figured prominently in both his professional and personal life, having grown up near the border in Windsor, Ontario, and serving that area as Member of Parliament. “We share a geography, and we share a common involvement in international organizations. We serve together in the fight for peace against dictatorships,” said Mr. Gray. In a podcast interview with the Embassy, he also noted how important the State Department exchange programs are to strengthening the U.S.-Canada relationship due to the values that Canada and the U.S. share.