Online Fee Payment Now Available for Adult Passport Renewals in Canada

Qualified adult U.S. citizens residing in Canada may pay for their passport renewals online and mail their applications to their nearest consular section.  Just follow these simple steps:

-Fill out, print, sign, and date the DS-82 application,

-Pay the required fee at PAY.GOV , and print the payment verification page,

-Address the package “Care of the ACS Unit” and,

-Send the application to the mailing address for the closest consular section in Canada. The package MUST include the following items:


o   the dated and signed DS-82 application,

o   a compliant photo,

o   a copy of the Pay.Gov payment verification page,

o   your current (or expired within the past 5 years) U.S. passport,

o   a self-addressed Canada Post XpressPost envelope

o   proof of name change (if applicable).  


To determine if you qualify for this program or for more information on U.S. passport renewal procedures in Canada, please review our Passport Webpage.   


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ASSISTANCE:  To contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulates General please find the location closest to you here.