Holiday Celebration at Consul General VanKoughnett’s Residence


Consul General and Mrs. VanKoughnett welcomed more than one hundred guests during a reception held at their residence to celebrate the holidays. The event brought together key officials from Quebec, Canadian and municipal governments, as well as representatives of business, academia, religious and cultural milieus.

In his remarks, CG VanKoughnett highlighted the solid bilateral links and invited guests to celebrate the long-standing friendship and the holidays, noting “2015…has been a year full of action and major events in Quebec, Canada, and the United States — the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, the exchange rate, oil prices, federal elections, the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, Syrian refugees, and many others. Many in this room have worked hard on these issues. I am delighted to live in Quebec, among people who are leaders particularly in the areas of the environment and international cooperation. Recently Quebec received tributes for its successes in Paris and for hosting refugees….Cooperation will continue between our governments, our businesses, our military, our institutions, and mainly between our peoples.”