Role of the Consulate

The Consulate in Winnipeg, like most diplomatic posts, serves a few basic functions.

First and foremost the Consulate exists to explain and advance U.S. policy to the broadest possible audience in Manitoba. Second, the Consulate reports to U.S. policymakers at the Embassy in Ottawa and in Washington about developments and opinions in Manitoba that affect the U.S.-Canada relationship.Third, we work to advance bilateral trade and commercial activities. And while we do not normally provide services to the general public, we do provide emergency services to American citizens in the province as required.

We undertake these activities by building strong relationships throughout the province with federal, provincial, and local government officials, as well as with a myriad of commercial interests, non-governmental organizations, service clubs, academia, artistic groups and others.

Issues the consulate has focused on in the past include cross-border water environmental disputes, BSE, and border security.