Duluth a Midwestern Gem

Great Lakes Aquarium
Great Lakes Aquarium

People in Duluth have a reason to feel superior and it’s not only because their fair city lies on the shores of Lake Superior in Northeast Minnesota. This Great Lake, one of the four out of five that the U.S. shares with Canada, has provided Duluth with commerce, sport and beauty since the city was founded.

Now a city of close to 90,000, it is built into a steep cliff as the shore rises quickly for a gain of almost a thousand feet and has a busy harbor, a great tourism industry and strong healthcare facilities. As a mid-way point between the Canadian border and the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, it’s an ideal place to pause and play for a few days or longer if you’re on your way to the capital of Minnesota, or a destination in its own right.

Duluth is a four-season city so there isn’t a bad time to visit. With almost 5,000 hotel rooms and 50 restaurants to choose from you’ll be well fed and find a comfy bed. The air has won awards for its delicious lack of smog and with a trolley for the summer and a climate-controlled skywalk system downtown it’s easy for travelers to get around and explore what has been voted as one of the Midwest’s top cities of its size.

First, however, explore our site to see what is on offer when it comes to sports, recreation, food, culture and education and then start planning your days in Duluth!

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