Daniel Pearl World Music Days

Professor Charles Ellison and the Jazz Studies Faculty Ensemble

We were delighted to partner with Concordia University’s Music Department to host a music concert to mark the Daniel Pearl World Music Days, created in response to the 2002 kidnapping and murder of Wall Street Journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan. In her opening remarks, Consul General Nina Maria Fite reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to dialogue, tolerance and humanity, and reminded the audience of the importance of universal values of respect, cross-cultural recognition and communication. Approximately 120 music aficionados enjoyed an evening of uplifting jazz and contemporary classical presented by renowned musicians such as Liselyn Adams, Charles Ellison and Jeri Brown, in collaboration with Concordia University’s Jazz Studies Faculty Ensemble. During intermission, Consul General Fite hosted a vin d’honneur, encouraging dialogue between members of Montreal’s diverse community.

We would like to thank Concordia University’s Music Department for helping us organize this event. You can find more pictures of the event on our Flickr page.