Canadians to Attend U.S. Leadership Exchange Program on Cyber Security

September 21, 2018

For Immediate Release

Canadians to Attend U.S. Leadership Exchange Program on Cyber Security


OTTAWA – Canadian professionals in the fields of government, research, and technology will visit Washington, D.C, and other U.S. cities from September 22 to October 13 as participants in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP). Participants will explore U.S. national security policy on cyberspace and initiatives to protect U.S. energy infrastructure as a national critical asset.

Participants will learn how federal, state, and local governments and private sector companies put in place the necessary structures, tools, and personnel to meet their obligations for cyber security. They will examine how organizations secure information database systems and explore countermeasures to address mutual vulnerabilities given trans-border interdependence in energy, transportation, power, financial, manufacturing, and other sectors.

Participants in the program are:

  • Wayne Ewasko, Member of the Manitoba Legislature
  • Karine Pontbriand,  PhD Student in Cyber Security, University of New South Wales
  • Jeremy Depow, VP of Policy and Research, Information and Communications Technology Council
  • Pierre Paul Hus, Member of Parliament for Charlesbourg, Haute-St-Charles, House of Commons
  • Christopher Parsons, Research Associate, Citizen Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs

The IVLP enables Canadians who are emerging leaders in their professional field to observe U.S. institutions, practices, and culture first-hand, and to meet with professional counterparts to explore issues of common interest. Founded in 1940, the IVLP has given hundreds of thousands of emerging leaders — including more than 1,200 Canadians — the opportunity to observe and interact with American culture and society on a personal level.

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Participants are available for interviews after the program upon request.