Buckython: Digital Arts Hackathon

Presentation by Kurt Przybilla

Press and Cultural Attaché Brian Ferinden helped kick off the Buckython, the first-ever digital arts hackathon based on the work of American architect and visionary, Richard Buckminster Fuller. Over a period of 48 hours, teams of artists, developers, and designers congregated at Notman House to come up with original designs based on the iconic geodesic dome designed as the United States pavilion for Expo 67 in Montreal by Buckminster Fuller.

The Société des arts technologiques invited Kurt Przybilla, American inventor of Tetra Tops, to inspire participants with a demonstration of the key geometric principles and underlying vision of Buckminster Fuller’s work.Buckminster Fuller Institute Chairman David McConville gave ongoing feedback to teams as the projects developed. To see some of the results of the event, please visit coverage by Métro and Radio-Canada, and photos by Eva Blue.