Consuls General of Quebec and Montreal Attend Israeli National Day Reception

Montreal CG Nina Fite and CG VanKoughnett joined Israeli Consul General Ziv Nevo Kulman at a reception for the national day of Israel on May 12, commemorating Israel’s 68th year of independence. The event was held at le Musée de la civilisation in Quebec City and brought together political officials and representatives of business, education ... Read More»

Quebec CG Meets with travelers from the MQWCC

“On behalf of the Towns of Mapletown, Castle Hill and Chapman, I wish to thank you for welcoming our travelers as we complete our journey to Quebec City. Your hospitality is most graciously appreciated!” These were the words of the travelers from the Maine-Quebec Winter Carnival Caravan (MQWCC) as they met with Consul General Hale ... Read More»

Quebec CG Meets With U.S. Snow Sculpture Team

The snow sculpture competitions, one of the main highlights of the Quebec’s Winter Carnival, brought together over 50 teams from different countries and provinces across Canada. A large part of the Plains of Abraham was turned into a workshop and an exhibit area displaying colossal pure white masterpieces. Consul General Hale VanKoughnett met with the ... Read More»

CG Visits Maibec

CG VanKoughnett visited a sawmill operated by the Maibec company in St-Pamphile, close to the Maine border. The visit included a tour of their impressive facilities and a meeting with representatives of several sawmills and the Quebec forestry industry council where they had discussions on trade. Many of the Quebec sawmills in the border region import ... Read More»

Holiday Celebration at Consul General VanKoughnett’s Residence

Consul General and Mrs. VanKoughnett welcomed more than one hundred guests during a reception held at their residence to celebrate the holidays. The event brought together key officials from Quebec, Canadian and municipal governments, as well as representatives of business, academia, religious and cultural milieus. In his remarks, CG VanKoughnett highlighted the solid bilateral links ... Read More»

CG VanKoughnett Welcomes Wellesley Middle School Students

During a three-day trip to Quebec, forty 8th grade French language students from Wellesley Middle School in Massachusetts visited the CG’s residence. The CG and Mrs. VanKoughnett talked to the students about the Foreign Service and living overseas. The students were an attentive and inquisitive group, asking many excellent questions. They presented CG VanKoughnett with ... Read More»

Consul Speaks to Business Students

Consul Michael Hackett met with Business Administration students enrolled in the Doing Business in the U.S. class at Laval University. Mr. Hackett offered a presentation on the U.S. immigration system discussing Immigrant and non-immigrant work visas, visa waiver program, investor visas and other programs promoting lawful entry to the U.S. while enhancing border security. Read More»

CG Attends Francophone and Francophile Cities Network

Consul General Hale VanKoughnett welcomed the inaugural meeting of the Francophone and Francophile Cities Network that took place October 29-31 in Quebec City. During his address to the 300 attendees, including many mayors from U.S. cities throughout the country, Mr. VanKoughnett underlined the historical links between Francophone and Francophile cities in America that reinforce the ... Read More»

Honorary doctorate Ceremony at Laval University

CG VanKoughnett attended a ceremony at Laval University granting Dr. Michael Porter, of the Harvard Business School, an honorary doctorate for his work in economic theory and business competitiveness. Dr. Porter’s career as a professor and researcher at the Harvard Business School has focused on the application of economic theory and strategy concepts to major ... Read More»

Chamber Organ and Choral Festival

American and Canadian participants in the annual Quebec City Chamber Organ and Choral Festival were welcomed by Consul General VanKoughnett and his wife Diane at their residence. The group culminated their week-long workshop with an August 16 free concert at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Quebec. Dr. Douglas Renfroe organized the festival and ... Read More»

USM Students Visit the Consulate

CG VanKoughnett welcomed students from the School of Criminal Justice at the University of Southern Mississippi. The students are in Quebec for an exchange program between Campus Notre-Dame-de-Ste-Foy and the University of Southern Mississippi, a program developed 21 years ago by professor, and former Lévis police officer, Alain Gelly and USM professor Dean J. Bertram. ... Read More»

A Touch of American Rockabilly at Fourth of July Celebrations

Consul General Hale VanKoughnett and Mrs. Diane VanKoughnett welcomed colleagues and friends at the annual Consulate Independence Day reception. Held in one of the historic buildings in Quebec’s Old Port district, the event brought together federal, provincial, and municipal representatives and members of business, academic, and cultural communities. In his remarks, Consul General VanKoughnett highlighted ... Read More»

Consul General VanKoughnett at Quebec National Day

On Saint-Jean Baptiste Day, Consul General Hale VanKoughnett and his wife Diane attended a reception offered by Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard and his wife, Suzanne Pilote, at the Musée National des Beaux Arts of Quebec. The ceremony started with a guided tour of the museum’s exhibition, “Inspiration Japon,” during which guests could appreciate impressionist and ... Read More»

Sculptures Shimmer at Domaine Forget

Art and culture were honored when sculptors, mainly from the U.S., showcased their talent as their colossal works of art decorated the vast green spaces of Domaine Forget in Saint-Irénée, Quebec. During the event, Consul General Hale VanKoughnett met with Minister of Culture and Communities Ms. Hélène David and key organizers including John Henry, a ... Read More»

CG VanKoughnett, a Guest of Honor at l’ÉNAP

CG VanKoughnett attended an end-of-term reception held at lÉNAP (École nationale d’administion publique, English: National School of Public Administration) and organized by students association. During the event, he delivered an informal address, followed by a period of exchanges which discussed a number of topics including the challenges of public administration. Established in 1969 by the ... Read More»

University of Maine students meet with CG

CG VanKoughnett met informally with a group of students from the University of Maine’s international studies program. The students were in Quebec City in order to visit the provincial capital and learn about Canada’s relationship with the United States. They enjoyed an interactive discussion with Mr. VanKoughnett as he sketched Quebec’s political, economic, and cultural ... Read More»

ImagiNation Writer’s Festival

Officials from Quebec’s English-language cultural center, the Morrin Centre, and the Consulate General welcome American food author Steven Raichlen at the ImagiNation Writer’s Festival. Over a dozen Canadian authors are taking part in the Morrin Centre’s sixth annual writers’ festival, April 8 – 12. Literary events such as readings, discussions, and book signings are being ... Read More»

St. Patrick’s Day Reception at CGR

CG VanKoughnett and his wife Diane welcomed at their residence over a hundred guests who enjoyed the cheerful ambiance celebrating the shamrock. Pipers from the police bands of New York, Boston, and Chicago did not come empty-handed as their drums and bagpipes filled the air with traditional Irish tunes. This is the fifth consecutive year ... Read More»

CG visits universities in New York

CG VanKoughnett visited the upstate New York campuses of SUNY-Plattsburgh and St. Lawrence University, meeting with Canadian Studies students and professors and discussing Quebec’s relations with the United States. He also gave presentations on life in the Foreign Service to students interested in working for the State Department. Read More»

Canadians celebrate their flag!

On February 15, various celebrations were held throughout Canada to mark the 50th anniversary of the Canadian maple-leaf flag. CG VanKoughnett attended a flag raising ceremony on Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Montcalm. During the event, he met with the Honorable Pierre Duchesne, Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, and representatives of the federal, provincial, and municipal governments. ... Read More»

U.S. snow sculptors take up the challenge

Striking white snow sculptures beautifully decorated the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City as sculptors from around the world proudly exhibited their works of art. The International Ice Sculpture Competition is one of the most famous activities of the Quebec Winter Carnival, celebrating the joy and beauty of the snowy season. CG VanKoughnett was on-site ... Read More»

Carnival colors sparkle in Quebec City

With vibrant arrowhead sash and figurine of the famous Bonhomme, all is in place for CG Hale VanKoughnett to take part in the Quebec carnival celebrations. In the winter spirit, he attended the Carnival President’s reception at l’Observatoire de la Capitale where he met with political, cultural, and business leaders, and of course the glorious ... Read More»

Seasons’ Party at the Consulate

Consulate Staff celebrated the holidays by hosting a reception that brought together over one hundred attendees, including representatives from the federal, provincial, and municipal governments, diplomatic corps, and key cultural communities. Around a colorful Christmas tree and joyful decorations at their residence, CG VanKoughnett and his wife Diane warmly welcomed guests who did not hide ... Read More»

Consul General Speaks to Business Students

Laval University graduate students enrolled in the “Doing Business in the U.S.” class appreciated the presentation offered by CG VanKoughnett as he discussed the U.S. immigration system, including visas and other measures taken by the U.S. Government to facilitate the immigration process while ensuring border security. Read More»

For the Fallen, We Remember

CG VanKoughnett attended the Remembrance Day ceremonies in Quebec and laid a wreath at the Cross of Sacrifice on the Plains of Abraham in memory of those who lost their lives in the name of freedom. Officials from the Canadian and Quebec governments, military officers, war veterans, and the general public were in attendance at ... Read More»

James Ceaser Speaks on Midterm Elections

On the eve of the U.S. midterm elections, Consulate Quebec welcomed guests including students and representatives of the provincial and municipal governments for a videoconference with James W. Ceaser, professor of politics at the University of Virginia and coauthor of a series on American national elections. The conversation, conducted in French, highlighted the main repercussions ... Read More»

Encourage to Read

During his visit to the Nunavut Arctic College in Iqaluit, CG VanKoughnett viewed the “American Shelf” at the college library. Early this year, the U.S. Consulate Quebec donated this collection of books, DVDs and eReaders for students at the predominantly Inuit college. Read More»

A Glimpse of the Great North

CG Hale VanKoughnett traveled to the northern Territory of Nunavut where he toured its vibrant capital, Iqaluit, and met with key territorial and local officials. During his meeting with Premier Peter Taptuna, they discussed trade opportunities and potential mining projects. The CG also traveled to the hamlet of Pangnirtung for meetings that further enhanced bilateral ... Read More»

Enhancing Business Partnerships

CG VanKoughnett hosted a reception at his residence for a QI/CASC (Quebec International/Council of American States in Canada) seminar on doing business in the U.S. Jointly organized by QI and the Consulate, the event was a great success, bringing together businesspeople from Quebec, Toronto, and the U.S., representatives from QI and CASC, commercial specialists from ... Read More»

Reggie Love speaks of his years in the White House

Academics, journalism students, former IVLPs, and representatives from the Quebec government and NGOs participated in the Consulate’s videoconference with Reggie Love, former assistant to President Obama. Attendees asked questions directly to Mr. Love, who was at the Consulate in Montreal, about his years in the White House, his interesting career path, and the challenges of ... Read More»

To the Celtic tunes of the Fraser Highlanders

Quebec City enjoyed a lively color burst as it hosted its 9th Annual Celtic Festival from September 3 to 7. During the weekend, CG Hale VanKoughnett attended a musical performance by the Fraser Highlanders pipe and drum corps who played charming traditional folk tunes. Skirling pipes and vivid colors mirrored the rich multicultural background of ... Read More»

Mississippi and Quebec Institutions Mark 20-year Relationship

CG VanKoughnett opened up his residence to students from the School of Criminal Justice at the University of Southern Mississippi on August 5. A fortuitous meeting between Campus Notre-Dame-de-Ste-Foy professor Alain Gelly, a former Lévis police officer, and instructor Dean J. Bertram of USM back in 1994 blossomed into a 20-year exchange program between the ... Read More»

Duke University Students in Quebec

The Consulate welcomed a group of students from Duke University who are studying public policy, marketing, and French. Consul General Hale VanKoughnett and Consular Officer Stuart Wilson discussed the role of the Consulate and the life of a diplomat in light of their own experiences in the Foreign Service. As part of “Duke in Montréal,” ... Read More»

Consul Wilson Attends Quebec National Day Reception

Consul Stuart Wilson attended a reception honoring Quebec National Day, hosted by Premier Philippe Couillard and his wife Suzanne Pilote. The event was held at the Musée national des beaux-arts and featured guests from the province’s diplomatic and business community. This year, Quebeckers celebrated Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day with their feet in the water, as the colors ... Read More»

Rendez-Vous Naval Closing Ceremony

On a beautiful sunny day following three straight days of rain, CG VanKoughnett attended the closing ceremonies for the Rendez-Vous Naval 2014. The Rendez-Vous commemorated the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War, the 100th anniversary of the opening of Canadian Forces Base Valcartier, and the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings. ... Read More»

Celebrations on board the USS OAK HILL

On the occasion of the U.S. Independence Day and Quebec’s Rendez-Vous Naval, Commander Bryan Carmichael and Consul General Hale VanKoughnett hosted a reception on board the USS OAK HILL (LSD 51). Two hundred guests from a wide variety of fields attended the event. Dignitaries included members of the clergy, consuls general, leaders of First Nations, ... Read More»

U.S. Meritorious Service Medal

During an official meeting at the Naval Reserve Headquarters, CG VanKoughnett presented Canadian Navy Captain Chris Dickinson with the U.S. Meritorious Service Medal for his outstanding work and cooperation with the U.S. military while in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom from November 2012 to December 2013. Read More»

CG hosts a reception for the QFCC

Consul General VanKoughnett hosted a reception at his residence on behalf of the Quebec-Florida Chamber of Commerce in order for members to discuss business opportunities for Quebec investors and service providers in Florida. Created in 2009, the Quebec-Florida Chamber of Commerce is a major link between two significant trading partners which, in turn, reflects the ... Read More»

The Best Kept Secret in Quebec City!

It’s Stanley Cup season, fans! CG Hale VanKoughnett, a native of Chicago, visited Passion Sport Logo based in Quebec City to see Josée Lemelin hard at work embroidering the NHL Chicago Blackhawks crests by hand. Josée Lemelin told him she had been sewing the official Hawks logo she helped design back in 1992 for 24 ... Read More»

Commemorating the Battle of the Atlantic

In observance of the Battle of the Atlantic, a ceremony was held at the Pointe-à-Carcy Naval Complex. Consul General Hale VanKoughnett and several dignitaries joined to honor the memory of the sailors who lost their lives at sea during World War II. Mr. VanKoughnett and other officials laid wreaths in tribute to the perished sailors. ... Read More»

CG Speaks to School Classes about American Generations

To promote outreach to young people, CG VanKoughnett participated in the Generation Project led by Program Coordinator Gregory Murphy at the CEGEP Sainte-Foy post-secondary school. During the classes, Mr. VanKoughnett answered students’ questions about the particular 20th-century generations that they are studying and helped shed light on the characteristics and values that shaped Generation X, ... Read More»

California Wine Fair at the Old Capital

CG VanKoughnett attended the 35th annual California Wine Fair Tour held at Espace Dalhousie in Quebec City. Some 80 top wine producers from California offered over 350 quality wines for sampling. These passionate vintners proudly described and decanted their splendid wines grown in various regions of the Golden State. Read More»
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