Assistant Secretary Kumar Highlights Select USA with Toronto Media

Assistant Secretary for Global Markets, Arun Kumar, gave media interviews while in Toronto attending the Great Lakes Forum on April 25, 2016. Kumar first spoke to Rita Trichur of the Wall Street Journal Canada discussing his presentation at the forum and the importance of the U.S.-Canada bilateral trade relationship. He also mentioned several commercial engagement activities of the U.S. Department of Commerce which include cluster mapping, innovation and entrepreneurship, and cyber-security in commercial space. He highlighted the investment relationship, promoted the Select USA Summit of June 19-21, encouraged Canadian investors to attend the Summit, and discussed the TPP – its importance, strengthening of NAFTA, and so forth. In the late afternoon of the 25th, Kumar also was interviewed by Pamela Ritchie host of the Daily Brief which is aired at 4 PM EST on Bloomberg Television Canada. The focus of the conversation was on the U.S.-Canada trade relationship, free trade and trade barriers, and views on how the political environment in Saudi Arabia will impact the global economic system.