Arctic stakeholders gain momentum through historic forum

Coast Guard COmmandant Adm. Paul Zukunft (right) and the heads of seven other Arctic nations' coast guards sign a joint statement that establishes the frameworks that detail the development of a multi-year strategic plan, avenues to share information, highlight best practices, identify training exer

The United States Coast Guard has a rich history of operating in the Arctic, dating back to the acquisition of Alaska in the 1860s. More than 150 years of operations in one of the world’s most challenging environments has paved the way for recent historic events, including the Coast Guard Cutter Healy becoming the first U.S. surface vessel to reach the North Pole unaccompanied in September of last year.

Today, another milestone occurred when leaders representing all eight coast guard agencies of the Arctic nations signed a joint statement establishing the framework for the Arctic Coast Guard Forum’s multi-year strategic plan.

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