Ambassador Visits Sadaqa Food Bank

United States Ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman volunteers at Ottawa's Sadaqa Food Bank.

The holidays are a time to give back to the community — a maxim U.S. Ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman and his wife, Vicki, took to heart this morning as they volunteered at Ottawa’s Sadaqa Food Bank.

“As we prepare to celebrate the holidays with our own family, Vicki and I are reminded of the struggles others face just to put food on the table,” said Ambassador Heyman following the visit. “We’re very grateful to be able to help such a wonderful organization that is so important to many members of the Ottawa community.”

At the Food Bank, the Heymans received a tour of the facility from its chair, Syed Akhtar, before they joined other volunteers to sort, package, and distribute food to the food bank patrons. Mrs. Heyman worked in the front distribution area, while Ambassador Heyman sorted and put together the food behind the scenes.

A domestic project of ICNA Relief Canada, the Sadaqa Food Bank has operated since 2007 to provide Halal items to those in need. As Ottawa’s second-largest food bank, it serves more than 2,000 individuals every month. For more information on ICNA Relief Food Banks, visit