Ambassador Heyman’s Statement on the Denial of the Keystone XL Pipeline

United States Ambassador to Canada Bruce A. Heyman released the following statement today in Ottawa regarding the Department of State’s denial of a permit to the Keystone XL pipeline:

“President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry announced today the decision to deny TransCanada a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.

“I have spoken with Secretary Kerry. He stated that his determination relied on a rigorous analysis of all relevant factors and that the critical factor was that moving forward with this project would undermine the ability of the United States to continue leading the world in combatting climate change.

“Of course, no single decision can represent the scope of the U.S.-Canada relationship. Our interests, our values, our societies, and our economies are as intertwined as those of any two countries in the world. We respect each other — as allies, neighbors, and friends—and our governments have always respected the fact that each has the responsibility to define and pursue the course it deems correct.

“We look forward to our continued close partnership across the full range of bilateral and global interests. Working together, we can, and we will, strengthen our mutual competitiveness and expand one of the most innovative, dynamic, and successful economic relationships in the world.”