Ambassador Heyman’s Remarks at the Military Awards Ceremony

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United States Embassy
Ottawa, ON

As prepared for delivery.

Good afternoon to our distinguished guests. Welcome to the Embassy of the United States of America.

It is my honor to be here today to recognize the important contributions the members of the Canadian Armed Forces make to the United States military and to U.S. military operations around the globe.

The United States and Canada have one of the closest military relationships in the world. Today more than 700 Canadian Armed Forces members live and work in the United States. Several hundred U.S. military members work beside their counterparts in Canada. They serve alongside each other in NORAD and various military commands in both countries, and in multinational coalitions and NATO operations in the Middle East and Europe.

This close relationship is evident in the individual achievements and contributions of the CAF officers whom we will honor today.

We are here to recognize these officers and to present to them the U.S. military awards which were awarded to them by their U.S. military command.

Their U.S. command was unable to present the medals before the Canadian officers departed the United States, but now we have the opportunity to show our respect and gratitude to the recipients. We thank them for their service to the United States and for the daily contributions of the Canadian Armed Forces to the defense of North America, for Canada’s commitments to multinational and NATO operations across the globe and for the close and robust partnership between our great countries.

Colonel Hunkins, you may now read the orders.