Ambassador Heyman on Announcement of Canada’s Contributions to Counter-Da’esh Coalition

U.S. Ambassador to Canada Bruce A. Heyman issued the following statement regarding today’s announcement of Canada’s contributions to the Counter-Da’esh Coalition:

“I was pleased to hear Canada’s announcement today of additional, significant contributions to the Counter-Da’esh Coalition. As a founding member of the Coalition, Canada has been a valued and willing partner in the mission to degrade and destroy Da’esh and has played an important role across all lines of effort.

“The commitments that Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet ministers announced today are in line with the Coalition’s current needs, including tripling Canada’s training mission in Northern Iraq and increasing its intelligence efforts throughout the region. They also include new humanitarian and development assistance contributions to aid Syrians fleeing violence in the region and neighboring countries providing sanctuary to several million refugees.

“Canada remains an essential partner in the Counter-Da’esh mission and we will continue to discuss with all Coalition partners additional ways to intensify our efforts. The United States, Canada, and the rest of our Coalition partners remain unwavering in our commitment to degrade—and ultimately destroy— Da’esh and we look forward to continuing that mission together.”

Media Contact

Stephen Posivak
Press Spokesperson
U.S. Embassy Ottawa