9/11 Commemoration and Memorial Ride 2014

9/11 Commemoration and Memorial Ride 2014
9/11 Commemoration and Memorial Ride 2014

On Thursday September 11, 2014, Deputy Principal Officer Joe Salazar and representatives from the US Consulate attended the 13th annual 9/11 Memorial Ride and Service at the Peace Arch Boarder Crossing.

Members of Canadian and American emergency services, border officials, and military personnel rode motorcycles and emergency vehicles to Peace Arch from the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond. The ride is in honor of the brave souls who lost their lives in the tragic attacks of September 11, 2001.

Dignitaries from the mayoral offices of Surrey, White Rock, and Blaine were present and addressed the crowd, along with a number of BC MLAs, the Speaker of the House, and representatives of the Senator and Governor of Washington State. Members from various Greater Vancouver Regional District fire and police departments also spoke to the attendees.

Also in attendance were five distinguished guests from New York — courageous first responders who risked their lives on 9/11. The New York Police Department’s Sgt. Marna Rann and Officer Kathy Brown, Fire Department of the City of New York’s Steve Goldstein and Antonio Amor, and New York/New Jersey Port Authority Police Department Officer Craig Wagner honored the event with their presence.

DPO Salazar addressed the attendees on behalf of Consul General Lynne Platt and President Obama. He acknowledged and appreciated the support shown by Canadians during the aftermath of the attacks, especially among the first responders. He emphasized the value of our unique cross-border relationship, especially in light of the challenges and threats facing us today.

This year marked the 200th anniversary of the establishment of the Peace Arch Boarder Crossing — a clear indication of the strength and stability of the relationship between USA and Canada.

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